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By Dhruv Pillai

We cannot see beyond the realm of words

Everything is defined.

Everything is restricted.

To attempt a description

Is to employ these explanations

To form new flawed connections

With what is and what can be

To experience something new

Is something out of the ordinary

And we do not like change

As humans we seek comfort

In the warmth of the known

And just like a newborn infant

Who is brought into the light

Torn from its warm darkness

Into this harsh reality of life

We too are lost

I feel

In an abyss of unknowns

Spending our waking lives

Searching for a way back

To the very unity

We germinated from

The darkness that was our own

The darkness that envelopes all

The darkness we called home

So if I were to ask you

To look beyond the very definitions

That have laid the foundation

Of your understanding

Of existence

What would you say to me?


When you are submerged in the silence

Of absolute nothingness

When you no longer have words

But continue to feel

Like the two banks of a river

That are always one but never meet

Infusing with the universe

On this detour to your journey

Tell me

What would you say

When you lay down the burden

Of a thousand words

And submerge yourself in dadirri

When you let go of today

And return to history

Tell me

What would you say?If I asked you

To plunge into the very blackness

That made you and me?Would you choose to be safe

In your twisted serenity

Or would you forget everything

And be reborn with me?

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