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kieran maguire

I believe in the power of the Built Environment to bring people together. I love order, details, and compositions, but the ambition of contributing towards a more equitable world through Architecture is what really drives me. In my mind, Social Agency is the key to celebrating our lives as one, and the answer to a lot of the problems that I don’t want the future citizens of our world to grow up with. That’s my bio.

anastasija kukic

Having grown up in Sydney's West, I developed a vision to be creative, empathetic and purposeful through design. I recognise the built environment is a tool which I am committed to growing and learning to amplify and support the voice of our community through.


shen lim

My journey is one of submersion. What originated as a void of awareness slowly filled with comprehension, of appreciation about the underlying culture around us. It became a catalyst of personal curiosity and exploration - one of endless discovery.

Namrata Deol.jpg

namrata deol

I am here because I believe in the power of healing.

For me, the transformation of human existence lies in the nexus of spirituality, social justice and sustainability. My journey is to discover and create ways to integrate social values and spirituality with the built environment. Exploring means by which we can strengthen our connection to our deep self, the communities and environments we inhabit.


dhruv pillai

The journey of this studio for me was to listen to the space and understand what form it wanted to take on. In attempting to do so, I invited the viewers to walk along with me, as I walk along the ones before me, and see through the visible layers of material things and recognize the true nature of space and its history.


Freedom Rider 2015

Masters Architecture Studio Brief Author

Inclusivity, Equality, Equity, Social Justice Advocate

Interdependent context awareness

Creating space to amplify Indigenous Knowledge and Voice

Grounded Hope visionary for regenerative futures

Collective envisioning, Co-designer

Designing Architecture for systemic change

Social agency Warm Data host

Generative respectful wholistic intention

Interconnected mutual learning

catherine donnelley

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